05 January 2014

Bachelor of Science (Hons.)(Multimedia)

I'm now taking a degree at University Utara Malaysia.(UUM)

It's fun to be here. The food is much more cheaper then my hometown, the air is so much fresh and cleaner, the campus is very large and every student guaranteed to live in hostel.

Furthermore, there is always has an internet connection but you must be near the building. Cool! Unfortunately, as a gamer, i cant stand when i cannot play the online game using campus wifi because it got blocked so i bought on my own.

There are hospital, post office, mall, cafe, bank islam, atm machine, computer and printing shop and much more facilities here in the campus.

UUM located at Sintok that is near changloon where is in Kedah.

I'm currently in semester 2 and just have a free time to kill before my final paper. Wish me luck.cya

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